Saturday, October 3, 2009

Get Your Shop On

Until tomorrow (October 4th), $1 from every purchase at will be donated to Hockey Fights Cancer. If you were going to buy anything, I'd say now's a pretty good time to do it!

There's also new items produced specifically to for Hockey Fights Cancer... the women's T-shirt is a dark asphalt grey (so we're starting off well) with a screenprint that I probably wouldn't be a fan of if it weren't for a good cause, but it is. As per usual, the men's T-shirt is pretty cute. If I had an excuse to wear a tie (pretty much verboten for girls thanks to Avril Lavigne back in 2002) I'd want it to look like the HFC tie since it makes light purple look pretty sweet.


  1. i'd still wear a tie! too bad for avril.

  2. Shame 2012 won't be time to bring the tie's back...I wore ties on occasion until that Avril fiasco...but now people always associate ties with her...I think people should get over her cause it's been ten years! almost...



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