Monday, December 13, 2010

Plus/Minus is not in 3-D

Feel free to put your 3-D glasses on just for fun, though.
So there's no Habs game until they play the Flyers on Wednesday and all I've got to think about now are two consecutive losses. Which is also what my New York Jets have to be proud of this week. Someone please give me another sport and another team that won a game this week. The Oklahoma City Thunder, which might be my NBA team if NBA Network Canada would stop showing me the same two teams over and over, won earlier today.

+ Okay, that game against the Sens was good stuff. And Carey Price was great this week. So great, in fact, that Jimmy Howard was extra motivated to be better. (Off topic: Does anyone else call Jimmy Howard "Opie"?)
+ 2 for the Bulldogs: They destroyed the Marlies today on national television, and leading scorer Max Pacioretty was called up again shortly after the game ended. Good news all around!
+ I don't have any secondhand stories for you guys since the nurses I know had very limited Hab encounters, but the patients at the Childrens were very happy after the Canadiens' holiday visit. (And yes, the hospital staff was quite pleased as well. But no, I didn't get the chance to bribe a certain unit coordinator into getting me some signed postcards.)
+ Waffles.
+ Off Topic Football Plus: After the end of tonight's game, Dallas Cowboy Tashard Choice asked Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick to sign his gloves. Anyone out there can say that they respect another player in their league, but it's an entirely different thing to show your admiration.

- I sort of liked it when the Canadiens would bounce back from a loss and win the next game. It was much better than losing to the Leafs.
- Sidenote: Have I talked about how nervous I get when the Canadiens pull their goalie? If I haven't, then this week did all the explaining for me.
- I cannot take any more of this ridiculous PK Subban vs Yannick Weber "rivalry" people are trying to create. It had better be over now. It's stupid, it's useless, it's divisive, and it's completely imaginary. What's so bad about having two young defencemen who need a bit more NHL experience to reach their full potential?
- Yes, he's got 26 goals. Yes, there are only 2 weeks left until the Winter Classic. But in all seriousness, the mainstream media has GOT to tone down its man-crush on Sidney Crosby. It's even worse than usual, which I didn't think was possible. Am I going to have to start judging people by how Crosby-crazy they are?

We've got three days to get over these losses and prepare for back-to-back enemy games. That should be enough time. If it's not, I'll just displace my rage and direct it at all the Crosby-crazies. Or Mike Richards.

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