Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Canadiens: The Series

So I finally got to see the infamous Bell TV series about the Habs, thanks to TSN picking up "Your Canadiens." It was... special. You can read my review of the first episode over at All Habs. Long story short: it felt really good to be able to rip on a poorly produced TV show and watch 30 minutes of my favourite Hab at the same time.

Basically, what happens is Anne-Marie Withenshaw spends a few banal hours of "everyday life" with each player on the team, in front of cameras. But you know what would be more fun? The opposite. That's right, I'm pitching a series where the Habs spend a few banal hours in my everyday life.

well, that's an awkward screencap if I've ever seen one
Hal Gill finds out what my job is, thus learning one of the universe's biggest secrets:
- Gill waits for me outside my office building and checks his BlackBerry!
- Profile about my professional accomplishments: This one time, I found a really serious subtitle problem and I wasn't even supposed to be looking for it, but I totally saved the day!
- I show him my workstation and he remarks that the air conditioning is on too high!
- It's free bagel day at the office so we split a bagel while I list all the coffeeshops within a five-block radius!
- Hal thinks my job is cool until I tell him about all the crappy movies I've watched multiple times in multiple languages! We sit at a computer for three hours wearing headphones!
- We get lunch at the salad place in my office building and he asks me if I have a crush on the hot (but sorta crazy) guy in my office!
- Awkward abrupt ending after lunch!

This is actually footage from his audition tape. He's wanted to host the show for two years
Jaroslav Spacek lives a day in the life when I'm not at my on-call weekday job:
- We watch SportsCenter!
- Profile of my blogging accomplishments: I co-founded Hab It Her Way! I write for All Habs! Sometimes I talk on the radio! One time I got plagiarized, and another time I got linked by Puck Daddy!
- He helps me write a draft of this week's Plus/Minus!
- We eat some cookies!
- Awkward "will you drive or will I drive" conversation, ending in Spacek driving because I don't have a car!
- We go to the nail salon! Spacek is afraid of getting a manicure and I tell him to tough it out! He chooses the colour of my nail polish!
- We part ways and he thanks me in both English and Czech, even though I don't speak Czech!

Yeah, I bet a ton of people would watch this show.

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