Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plus/Minus: Shutout edition

If you're wondering why I haven't posted anything since the last Plus/Minus, it's because nothing came to me. The Andrei Markov injury had me so upset that I could barely do anything all week. I shuffled around in my pajamas most of the day, I rarely answered the phone, I couldn't sleep properly, I told everyone (and I mean everyone) that Eric Staal is the worst person on Earth... all in all, I've had better weeks. Some people. however, have certainly had worse weeks.

How sweet it is
+ Two shutouts in one week. Carey Price is just fantastic. I'm probably not the only one who's been getting overwhelmed right when I realize that the game is really going to end in a shutout, then (of course) celebrating the team's win, then go over the edge a little when I see him point to the exact people he's throwing his First Star pucks to. Oh, and I'm not being a fangirl, but I might have been when I backed Laura from The Active Stick in an argument with a Leafs fan.
+ Thank you, Pat Burns, for your encouraging words to Carey Price. Clearly, they paid off. This is proof that nothing can stop a good coach. Rest in peace, Coach.
+ I'm adding myself to the long list of people who loved the Pat Burns video tribute. I somehow didn't burst into tears watching it. I'm not sure how that happened, but if it was a minute longer, I probably would have.
+ Lars Eller's been taking advantage of his (slightly) increased ice time.
+ Two Bulldogs in particular: Max Pacioretty is lighting it up, and Gabriel Dumont scored a game-winning goal which will hopefully prevent him from being benched more often than he should be.


- I wrote an article for All Habs this week about the Price/Halak "controversy" and how it still hasn't gone away. But some people still just don't get it.
- So last season nobody could stop bashing Sergei Kostitsyn, then he comes back to Montreal for the first time with his new team and he's nearly invisible. If I were a TV producer I'd milk this for all it's worth and turn him into some kind of cartoon villain. However, I forgot that the Nashville Predators also have some random non-Hab Quebec-born player, so obviously he takes precedence.
- Ryan White is injured?
- It's been said already, but I can't believe Mike Richards decided to whine about PK Subban's attitude and apparent lack of respect. First of all, PK was probably the most aggressive player in that game, and that's kind of required when you're playing the Flyers. What, do you want my entire team to put their trenchcoats over puddles so Jeff Carter's new shoes don't get wet? How about not? And, seriously, Mike Richards? You looked like you met PK word-for-word. What could he possibly have said that could offend Mike Richards, who almost killed David Booth? One of these players is shooting off his mouth, that's for sure. But it's not the rookie.
- Speaking of concussion-causers, Andrew Ladd has been named captain of the Atlanta Thrashers. In this case, the C stands for "Couldn't he have been suspended even one game for destroying Matt D'Agostini last season?" Yeah. I hold grudges.

- Oh, Colin Campbell. If you're going to be a jerkstore, you should at least get a Gmail address or something and try to pretend you didn't send those emails. Doesn't everyone know by now that you don't use corporate email for personal purposes?
- All kinds of RDS graphics fails this week. I wish I had pictures. They got their dates mixed up for the CFL East Final, and tried to tell me that there is a "B. Byfuglien" in the NHL. In which case, Atlanta might want to start printing up T-shirts that say "Bustin Moves" or "Bustin makes me feel good."
- Oh, I almost forgot: Shut up, Don Cherry.

So, four games this week, including one against the Kings, which I have tickets to. What are the odds of me finding a way to keep Drew Doughty in Montreal? What if I remind him that Markov is injured and cry? Too dramatic? I'll keep working on it.

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