Monday, November 22, 2010

Time for Round 2 in Philadelphia

7:00 PM.
On a Monday.
Philadelphia, PA

So last week was fun. The Flyers tried to break the Canadiens, and then whined a little bit when they got their feelings hurt.

I'd write a half-assed game preview, but it turns out that my half-assed preview from a Flyers game last season is still mostly relevant. It boils down to: the Flyers are ugly and also evil. And if you need a reminder of just how good the Canadiens are, our friend Will has it covered in his latest blog post. It boils down to: the Canadiens know what they need to do to win right now, and they're doing it.

As for this PK-hate business, I guess we'll find out tonight if the Flyers really mean it and turn this into a rivalry for the ages, or if they were just whining and need a time-out.
I'm prepared to make Team PK shirts if necessary.

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