Sunday, November 7, 2010

Plus/Minus looks good this week...

...because after almost two weeks, the screen of my Macbook is finally fixed. Finally, the 268 hours of anguish are over. I can stop panicking about my laptop. I can stop waiting for the phone to ring, with an anticipation worse than calls about a job or a boy. I can stop having separation anxiety and asking my friends at the Apple store to take good care of my Macbook.
Oh, and there was hockey stuff too.

Thank you, friends at the Apple store.
+ Due to my aforementioned laptop woes (268 hours), this week's first Plus goes to Laura from The Active Stick, who's the kind of writer that all female hockey bloggers should be. And male ones too. But aside from wit and all that, she let me use her laptop to post last week's Halloween-themed Plus/Minus thing. If that's not supporting your fellow bloggers, I don't know what is.
+ Carey Price, keepin' it real.
+ Look at you, Jeff Halpern, racking up points and being all +7. You get another plus from me. And yes, you can share it with the rest of the PhD line, because you've earned it.
+ The news that there is a Stephen Gionta. Yes. He exists. I know he's the same height as his big brother (har har) and that this team needs more tall guys, and that usually guys play their first NHL game before the age of 27, but... can we have him? IT'S A SECOND GIONTA!
+ A fantastic game by the Hamilton Bulldogs, who looked like an excellent team from the second row at the Bell Centre. (I have to stop wishing for prestige seats to Habs games... I wouldn't be able to handle it.) Ryan White played with his usual energy and badassery, Alex Henry got physical, and Gabriel Dumont delivered the biggest hit of the night.
+ Oh, and the little boys sitting behind us at the game knew as much about the team as we did, if not more. I probably missed parts of the game because I was trying to listen to their analysis. They couldn't have been older than ten but they're just as smart as most of the hockey fans you know.
+ I... this:
This is what happens when you say you miss Los Angeles. Awesome.


- What, so everyone forgot that Ryan O'Byrne exists? If it weren't for the pictures some of our friends took at FestiFan today, I wouldn't even remember what he looks like. (If you forgot: Tall. Black hair. Sometimes wears #20.)
- I know I don't often make suggestions for lines, but um... what's the use in breaking up the top line, who've been consistently productive, just to breathe some life into Gomez and Gionta? Sure, I'm all for breaking those two up in an attempt to get them going, but why mess with a good thing?
- I think I went through this with Carey Price a few weeks ago: WHO let Tomas Plekanec get sick? Please, someone build a sneezeguard around him or something.

So, yeah, sorry that there's no blog called "Hab It Three Really Smart Nine-Year-Olds' Way." We'd totally read it too.


  1. I miss Ryan O'Byrne...
    We need a sign for the game that reads "FREE RHINO #20!"

  2. I haven't forgotten Big Sexy. And I miss him too... Just thinking he might be a goner, makes me grrrr at JM, that, and the salad tossing...

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one who misses O'Byrne. To be honest, as much as I like him, if this keeps up I'd rather see him traded than benched for so long he forgets what team he plays for. Is that weird?

    Last-minute Plus: Paul Mara and his beard scored a game-winning goal!!

  4. Good to know Big Sexy is still alive... And still sexy ;)


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