Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Game Preview: Feels a little like '93

The last time the Canadiens encountered the Kings, they won. Quite easily, I may add. Will the Kings, coming off a rough last few games, turn the tide and beat their old Stanley Cup rivals on their home ice? Will I be able to cope with the average view from my seats tonight? Last season I sat in the 8th row of the Staples Center, next to the Canadiens defencemen. (And it wasn't that expensive!) This season, my tickets cost less, and it's the Bell Centre, so obviously I'll be a little closer to the ceiling than the ice.

Look at all the swag I got at Staples Center last year!
So I won't be paying a dollar for a program, or getting multiple team rosters for free, but at least I won't be surrounded by fans booing the Canadiens, still sore about Canada's gold-medal win in hockey. (They were passionate, just not in the right way.)

Both teams are having pretty impressive seasons so far, with almost identical records. The Kings have lost a few games recently but were still at the top of their division until Phoenix knocked them out of the top spot last night. They've only got one point less than the Canadiens. I have a feeling that this game will be less of a bust than Monday's outing against the Flyers.

Which players are worth keeping an eye on, regardless of where your seats are? I had a few guys that I thought were worth mentioning, but a great interview with The Fourth Period's Susan Crosby last night on Game Points gave me even more to talk about. (Big thanks to Susan, by the way, who was knowledgeable and enthusiastic.)
- Jeff Halpern will get to say hi to his old team. But we'll keep him in Montreal, thanks. He'll have Mathieu Darche with him again, hopefully to get some of that PhD magic going. (Yannick Weber is the odd man out here. I would've liked to see him against a team like the Kings, but these decisions aren't mine to make.)
- Drew Doughty, arguably the best defenceman in the West, is showing no signs of recurring concussion symptoms.
- Banner season for Justin Williams so far. Same goes for captain Dustin Brown (who's a pretty good follow on Twitter, by the way).
- We've all seen Quebec-born goalies bring their A-game when visiting the Bell Centre (except maybe Roberto Luongo a couple of weeks ago) and it's likely that rookie Jonathan Bernier will be no exception in front of his dozens of guests. Susan Crosby says he's not at the same level as Jonathan Quick yet, so at least the team's renaissance isn't hindered by a goalie controversy just yet.

 Have fun in Montreal, Los Angeles Kings. I know it's cold, but you guys welcomed me to the Staples Center with a torrential downpour, so... even.


  1. Is Darche back on Halpern's line? Yesterday in practice he and Pouliot were on the 4th line I think. I hope Jacques keeps the PhD line intact for tonight. He needs to quit fixing what ain't broke.

  2. Well that must have been a fun game to watch, even if that was from waaaay up!

  3. Hah swag...reminds me of GH:

    As for cold, you didn't see today coming...



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