Monday, November 15, 2010

Plus/Minus is a little bit frazzled

What could be a better indication of Plus Minus than the week that was? The Canadiens were undefeated but lost a key player to injury. Again. What on earth could Andrei Markov have done to deserve all these injuries? I'm not even sure I can format this Plus/Minus into organized thoughts.

At least we still have PK, and he's a great guy
I give a PLUS to the Canadiens for their solid victory over Vancouver. They looked pretty good from the back of the reds...
but then there's the MINUS of knowing that it's one of the few games Andrei Markov played in the first half of the season.

I'd give a MINUS to the Vancouver Canucks for being nearly invisible on Tuesday after last Saturday's high-scoring thriller...
but let's be honest, those pictures of Ryan Kesler make up for it. PLUS.

I give a PLUS to all of the Canadiens for really showing up this week and ending whatever worries we had, especially on Saturday against the Hurricanes. I'm in awe of Carey Price's miraculous save and tumble, and of Maxim Lapierre's fancy spinning goal.
I also give a PLUS to Ryan O'Byrne for looking pretty good so far as an Av. He got an assist tonight, and I'm actually not that surprised.
I'm still pretty sure that Dustin Boyd was the victim of curly hair discrimination, so... MINUS.

A huge PLUS to Carey Price for earning the honour of First Star for the week (and Molson Cup for October).
But (surprise, surprise) a MINUS to Jack Todd who finally stopped ragging on Price, for obvious reasons, but is unable to give up his vendetta and insulted Price fans in his column today. In case it wasn't obvious, there ARE people in this world who aren't as single-mindedly hateful as he is. There might be some fans out there who "hate" Halak, but there's no use in generalizing. I really don't need to beat this dead horse again, do I? They're both excellent goaltenders, and I like them both a lot, and I'm very happy to have Carey here in Montreal and that Jaro has found success in St. Louis. That's it. This conversation is beyond over.

This week will bring old friends (Bouillon! love!) and older enemies into the fray. I'll probably be okay as long as my other favourite Habs remain intact.

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