Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost a player you love?

Hearing that one of your favourite hockey players was traded, or that he just moved away, is never easy to stomach. The 2009 offseason proved that. There isn't much you can do about it, outside of complaining to every news outlet you know or maybe writing your GM a strongly worded letter (send us a copy if you do!), and it can be a lot to handle emotionally. You might need to have some worthless breakable objects around in case you get really angry. Or you might need a tub of ice cream and some sad songs to help you feel better.
That's where we come in.

Introducing the I Can't Believe He's On Another Team playlist. It might help a little.

No Doubt - Don't Speak. I know from experience that it helps!

Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone. It's a little cheesy and sad, but I kind of secretly love Matchbox Twenty. Don't you judge me. You're the one stuffing your face full of chocolates and weeping.

The Fray - Never Say Never. Because basically every song by the Fray is sad enough for an occasion such as this.

oh, and if you're really mad at management then their cover of Heartless might do it for you.

Metric - Combat Baby. I went with a live acoustic version here for you, because I love the original version (it's just as melancholy but the electronic sound makes it a bit more bouncy) but it sounds amazing when it's stripped down.

Heart - Alone. Because if you're really down, an 80's hair power ballad might be the only thing that can pick you up.

Or maybe you don't want to be emo anymore and want to try and cheer up and convince yourself that everything will be okay.


  1. Modest Mouse!! Great choice... Thanks for helping us to cope with the trade! ;)

  2. I think Float On might be the best song to convince you that everything will be all right, even though the Killers have a song with exactly that title.

  3. What's wrong with Matchbox Twenty? I miss them!



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