Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Once you Laraque...

You never go back, as we learned today.

Georges Laraque is now truly, officially, irrevocably (unless for some reason we buy him again) no longer a Montreal Canadien. And after a season of blogging, with a great list of Laraque puns in my back pocket that I never had the right occasions to use, I can't help but smile as I say goodbye for real.

It's a good thing for everyone concerned: the Habs have roster space for the players we've grown to love over the course of this season and need to keep next year. And Laraque finds himself in a pretty good employment situation: he, like the services offered by his spokescompany TekSavvy, finds himself with no contract. (I didn't say "with no contract" loud enough, did I?) And a $1 million severance package is pretty sweet, especially in this economy.

Maybe we'll see him again soon, and he'll be a perfect fit in some other city. He'll have a goal under his belt, and a few months away might make him more aggressive and make that personality show on the ice. He might even completely forget that the next time he comes to the Bell Centre, he gon' get booed.

Mostly, I'm just glad that it gives me some Habs-related news to blog about... otherwise this would have just been an excuse to mention the resemblance between Jonathan Toews and The Office's Cousin Mose.
Pointed out to me by an acquaintance... and now I feel like watching The Office.

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