Friday, June 11, 2010

On with the awards!

To be added onto later tonight. For now we have:


1- Patrick Kane vs. Cabbie: said taxi driver did not wish to pose with our favourite Stanley Cup-winning delinquent, so Snoop decided to instead. (I like to think it was an hommage to Rookie, but that's just me.) Anyway. The loose change jokes still haven't stopped, even if he put an end to this season in the weirdest of ways. Apparently now he's even dancing about it.
2- Goalie vs. Goalie: this doesn't necessarily have to be Habs-centric, even if it's obvious that Montreal happens to be the most obsessed with this topic. There should be a drinking game to its name. Me? I'm drinking to the fact that I found an old Jeff Hackett poster this afternoon. Remember THAT controversy? Where's Theodore now? Anyways. You get the jist.
3- PHX and bankruptcy: Obviously I nominated this one, because being where we are, we kind of have this elitism to "HOW DARE YOU HAVE AN EMPTY RINK WHEN WE ONLY HAVE 6 TEAMS IN THIS COUNTRY" and yada yada yada which is kind of repulsive when you want to highlight what the team on the ice HAS done for itself all year. That also never went away, despite attendance figures putting themselves in the black, so to speak. It still won't go away even now.
4- Kostitsyn drama: Enough already. We know he/they don't hang out with the good crowd. Who cares, honestly? Remember when you tried to get in with the cool kids and they had you throw your best friend in the dumpster in the process? Yeah. We don't watch who passes out what, unless it's pucks and they're on the ice. We don't want to hear about anymore.

Playerwise, now:

1- Sidney Crosby: the only reason we applaud him is because he apparently moved out of Mario's house. Finally. Otherwise, groan.
2- The Sedins: This is even worse because they're multiples. Meaning double the amount of coverage. Oh, Henrik for Hart. Oh, what a nice pass by Daniel. Whatever. I'm still convinced they switch jerseys for whatever games the other doesn't really feel like playing up to his usual standards so that the rest of us never know which of them is actually better, or worse, and therefore can't find some way to complain about it.
3- Guillaume Latendresse: This may not make sense unless you've painstakingly struggled to figure out which one of him is the real Gui since, I dunno, 2005? However, since he famously moved on to Minnesota, the goals sought from him for so long finally started pouring out without an end in sight. And lo and behold, networks like Versus started hopping on the Gui! Gui! Gui! bandwagon. VERSUS. Really.
4- Alexander Ovechkin: There was a reluctance to include him in this (we still like him), but it's impossible with Crosby, since despite being almost nothing alike as players, they simply go hand in hand.

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