Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jay Mohr announced as host of the NHL Awards

I'd say that it's a step up from Ron McLean, but I promised to abstain from Ron McLean jokes for a while after he saved someone's life.

Jay Mohr's pretty funny: I don't know if he'll rival Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais for clever quips, or if he can match Neil Patrick Harris' Oscar opening bit for sheer awesomeness, but I liked him as host of NBC's Last Comic Standing. He didn't take himself too seriously like a lot of reality show hosts do, and he let the comedian contestants do their thing. He also starred in the short-lived single-camera Fox comedy Action, which went way over my little head back in 1999, so of course I watched it. (Its cancellation may or may not have been one of the catalysts that drove me to loving TV like a mother loves her child. I haven't been able to watch Action again because I'm terrified I won't like it anymore, and then I'll have an identity crisis.)

Having a host to help the proceedings along, maybe knock some guys' egos down a few pegs, will probably make the awards telecast a lot better. Last year's show started off great with a passionate pretaped intro by Denis Leary (who would make the most deliciously evil awards show host, but we'd need to put the broadcast on like a two-minute delay) and then got a little messy, with people coming on stage, then showing up again... a host is going to solve that problem, and as long as we've got Jay Mohr on his toes, and maybe just a bit angry, then we're in for a good show. If we've got the Gary Unmarried Jay Mohr, then, um, clearly Julia Louis-Dreyfus just wasn't available.

The NHL Awards ceremony will also feature a performance from Shinedown, who surprisingly enough are not Nickelback.

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