Thursday, September 2, 2010

Carey Price signs!

Dear everybody who found us by Googling "Has Carey Price signed yet": finally, we have an answer for you. Yes he has. We've got him locked down for two years and if you're complaining about two years, just think about how many morons would have complained if it was a long-term contract.

(And to the person who googled "has carry price signed yet"... I hope you found some other things to read in the meantime, like the team's roster.)

I wasn't able to hear the conference call live, but thanks to Habs Inside/Out it's available for streaming. According to Carey, the rumours of him being on strike are completely untrue. No other major revelations: he's happy to be back, he's been training, he wanted a short-term contract, and he's coming into this season with more lessons learned. Like a lot of us, he wasn't sure if he or Halak would return to Montreal.

It's kind of strange to finally see this finally happen. I know I said I'd run out of patience and things to do, and longed for this day to come but now I have no idea what to do with myself.

My original idea for this post, a fictional phone conversation between Carey and Josh Gorges, was already written by JT over at The H Does Not Stand For Habs a couple of hours before I even started writing it out. Go read hers, it's probably funnier than mine would have been.

So here's my contribution: a very cheesy pop song, that we love anyway because apparently Gwen Stefani is in town and let's be honest, none of us are cooler than Gwen Stefani.

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