Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time for the rookies

A lovely sign pointing towards the opening of the season (more or less): fresh faces in the Canadiens' dressing room.

Jeff Halpern's arrival among others pretty much ensures we won't see a lot of these guys for awhile but it's still exciting to see where they've all reached in terms of their development (am I alone in this thought? Yes? No?). Here are the names of those invited to 2010 Montreal Canadiens' Rookie Camp (and I'm sad to say that our own Rookie is not among these):

In my lovely (not) graphic here I highlighted some of the QMJHL alumni that I might be able to tell you a bit more about if and when I get the opportunity to poke my head in to some of the scrimmages next week. And yes, these goalies have been around. Now see which team there is the most of and tell me why I'm so darn happy :D

I might also be happy because the lovely @amanada11 secured me tickets for Phoenix @ Montreal so that I can make a living embarrassment of myself in 6 weeks' time. My dear friend and partner in crime @smileinfectious and I are also going to see some kid from Kingston who's supposedly a big deal...while our mothers continue to commiserate about the loss of Sheldon Souray.

Anyway. Details for the camp, while there are few, are the following:

Who: The guys whose names you see up there
What: Are you paying attention at all?
When: Ah, here's some new information. September 13-16th

"Players will take part in on-ice practice sessions and tests as well as off-ice conditioning sessions. Scrimmages will also take place and open to the public on Monday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 15, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m." -

Where: Complexe Sportif Bell, Brossard
Why: Because the future is now.

Sue me for that last one, I've been up since 7.

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  1. I'm very curious to see what Engqvist, Dumont and Avtsin will do. I hope those three will have success with the Dogs this season.


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