Thursday, September 23, 2010

A whole year? Really?

A little over a year ago, we celebrated Czechtacular's birthday by rounding up a bunch of hockey girls and heading out for drinks. It was the same day that Canadiens tickets had gone on sale, and none of us (seriously. not a single one.) had managed to get tickets after an insane, endless wait in the virtual waiting room. We were so dejected we couldn't even talk about it. But, even before our drinks were ordered, she and I decided to finally start that hockey blog we'd joked about for a few months.

I had always said "I have no idea what I'm writing about."
She had always said "I'd never write."

Within a few weeks we'd decided on a name for the blog (yes, that took a few weeks) and figured out a couple of regular features and what we wanted our readers to know about us and our hockey obsession. My unofficial first post was written the day after we decided that Brian Gionta was even better than we were told he'd be, and we knew we were in for a great season of #21. A year later, GG is thisclose to captaincy, and we're writing for an ever-growing, responsive audience and still having a blast.

So thank you, everybody. I really appreciate your readership and support. I can't even put it into words without being really cheesy about it.

Go Habs Go!


  1. I think it's awesome what you two are doing. And the layout is beautiful.

  2. Aaaaah,what was I doing? I somehow missed all your recent posts! I love the new layout, I love the "1 season" shoulder patch (or is it a center ice logo?), and most of all, bon anniversaire hab-it-her-way!

  3. Thanks Greg, my Photoshop skills aren't as hilarious as yours but I try.

    Thank you Dennis, your compliments really mean a lot to me! I don't think I'm the only blogger who tries to learn from your work ethic and the way you write.


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