Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What to do?

I'm not sure if anyone's noticed but it's August 24th and the Montreal Canadiens are still without a top goalie. Yes, those Montreal Canadiens. The ones who've been backed up by some of the greatest goalies in NHL history. The ones whose biggest problem last season was dividing ice time between TWO good goalies. Right now the Canadiens have Alex Auld, who is not one of the aforementioned good goalies. (But yes, I'm happy to have him on board, because Dan Ellis sucks.)

This whole no-Carey story has been going on too long, like a Ridley Scott movie no one wants to watch. It's time someone presses the stop button, because I'm tired of biding my time.

So far, I've found some pretty good ways to pass the time. I've been getting a lot of hours at work. I've visited my baby cousin twice in the ten days since he was born. I went to the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit, threw out a few choice lines from "Lazy Sunday," and ate a cupcake. I've shopped so much that not even I can believe it. I've read more IMDB pages than anyone else on Earth. I've added at least three new TV series to my viewing rotation. I've looked at pictures of kittens named after Habs a dozen times. I've even started following Rob Schremp on Twitter, and I'm quite certain that I don't even know who he is.

I've come up with so many ways to pass the time and this story isn't over yet. I, along some other Habs fans, am looking for a new distraction. What to do?

Thank the TV gods that the Emmys are soon and the final season of Lost is now out on DVD. (I'll probably have time to rewatch the entire series plus extras before we have a goalie.)
Go on a tour of the Bell Centre. You can see the locker rooms if you visit during the offseason!
Learn to play an instrument and then use it to write songs about hockey.
Read. I still have a few books I received for my birthday that I haven't read.
Plan out Thanksgiving dinner and Halloween costumes.

And that's all I've got so far. I just don't know what to do with myself. But I'll try to keep you all posted.


  1. What kind of cupcake was it? Was it chocolate? Did it have sprinkles? What did you buy while shopping? What TV series do you watch now? I need some distraction here. Help a fellow Habs gal out, will ya? Thanks! And who is Rob Schremp anyway?

  2. Well, since I need to pass the time somehow but am not feeling journalisty enough to blog after an evening out with coworkers, I may as well answer some questions:
    Yes, it was a chocolate cupcake, very delicious, with pink buttercream icing (Pink is ok for icing, I approve of pink food, just not pink jerseys) and a cherry candy on top. No sprinkles but I don't care because I love those cherry candies more than I could ever like sprinkles. I didn't even know Cinnabon made cupcakes!
    During that particular day of shopping, I think all I bought was a pretty journal for my friend and a gift for my new baby cousin. Otherwise, throughout the summer I've bought a lot of shirts (I have a T-shirt addiction and also needed new clothes for work) and quite a few dresses. Some DVD's, and I tried on a lot of shoes but only bought two pairs.

    Other pastimes: I tried to blog using my smartphone at work today, which obviously didn't work otherwise you would have seen. Emmy predictions. And other blogging and internet endeavours.


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