Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishin' and hopin': not much time left

Before the puck drops in about an hour, I thought I'd resurrect the Wishin' And Hopin' category that I have made exactly one (1) post in so far. Go me. There are nine games left (we're down to single digits? how did that happen?), and since you probably know most of our future opponents by now, making some guesses as opposed to strict analysis and predictions seems like more fun. What do I want to see in these last few games before the playoffs?
  • My first wish, for a goaltending shakeup, has already been granted as expected. I'm glad to see Martin playing both goalies because the team can't afford to have only one tired Jaro against powerhouses like Miller (this is where I stop typing to shake my fist) and Brodeur. And the playoffs are coming up, so suit up, Big Haircut!
  • A really exciting breakaway goal. Please please?
  • I want Dominic Moore to kick his old team's ass. (That's what you say in these situations, right?)
  • I want to see some wins in regulation time. It's way too late in the season for these guys to play more minutes than they need to.
  • I hope that there are no more injuries or scares, and that Cammalleri and Bergeron are completely, totally, 100% ready to be on the ice again.
  • Have we finally reached the "Don't Stop Believin'" part of the season? It's been a while since we've heard some Journey, and maybe, maybe, if someone at NBC is feeling very generous and not afraid of Fox, they could have the cast of Glee pop up in, say, Detroit and give us a live performance.
  • I could get used to this Monday-Wednesday game schedule for the playoffs, leaving Tuesdays free for the final episodes of Lost. No one had said that last night's would be as incredible as it was, so there'll be a whole lot more to look forward to in the next few weeks!
Oh, and I hope to be proud of my hometown team come the playoffs (but it's extremely likely that that'll be the case no matter what happens).

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