Friday, March 26, 2010

Think Of Me

I meant to blog earlier, but your day kind of gets messed up when you go to pick up the morning paper, eyes still half-closed, and are greeted with a front-page picture of Travis Moen's busted-up face.

Okay, yes, I know it must probably suck more to be Moen and almost lose an eye and require three layers of stitches, but still, think of the children. And me.

Can someone try to fashion him some kind of Phantom of the Opera thing to wear, at least off ice? I'm sure it's good for misdirection during game time, but other than that...
I think it would work. (Better than my Photoshop skills, at least.) I promise not to sing "Music of the Night" anymore!

Oh, and about that game: funny how a face injury can make a player even more intense than he previously was. Brian Gionta reminded us why he's maybe the awesomest dude ever. RDS' almost mocking comments of Tomas Vokoun were proven right, so I bet his self-esteem is off the charts right now. Oh, and imagine I'm ~czechtacular expressing glee at Tomas Plekanec's 100th career goal (empty net or no).

All in all, I think our team is ready for the playoffs. (Against a team other than Buffalo, I hope.) And yes, I think they're also ready for June and July to roll around so they can get some rest and avoid errant pucks and skate blades.


  1. Eww, yeah, Moen's face really creeped me out. And I generally don't get creeped out by stuff like that =(

  2. I like the new layout!



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