Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Domo arigato, Mr. Del Zotto

So just as last night's game was ending, I expressed my confusion at a Habs-Rangers game with so little fights. Then Sean Avery said something to Scotty Gomez and two hockey teams suddenly turned into one giant mound of padded humans. Avery was understandably upset, since in yesterday and Saturday combined he had a hat trick. (He'd probably like thinking of it that way, since he only had eight goals this whole season before the weekend started.) Gomez was understandably upset, because he probably accepted a trade to get away from Douchey McDouche. The Rangers as a team were probably upset after Del Zotto's puck fumble turned into Plekanec's empty-netted short-handed safety goal. (That's a lot of words for one breakaway. Now I understand why people say "shorties.")

I don't know why the Habs always play the Rangers around St-Patrick's Day, but after yesterday (they tend to win on Tuesdays against the Rangers, or just in general this season) I kind of hope it becomes a real yearly thing. The only thing that sucks is not being able to enjoy some crazy Irish punk concert after the game like those damn Bruins probably attend every year.

No Thursday game this week means the city's on its own. Figure it out, Habs fans. Get some rest, Habs players, there's 11 games until the playoffs.

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