Monday, March 29, 2010

Plus/Minus: because I already made that Phantom of the Opera picture

Hmmm... we've been a little MIA again. I guess we should have told you guys that we're bad at keeping promises. Which reminds me, I've got friends still waiting on a homemade lasagna dinner that I promised, um, two? three? years ago. Maybe I should have got that over with before I became lactose intolerant.
The Habs of this last week remind me of the Habs I knew when I first started watching regular games, what with all the roster changes and everything. It's a little off-putting now that I've become accustomed to the normally rock-solid Jacques Martin rosters, but I kind of feel nostalgic wondering who'll sit out and who'll be in net.

+ To Pat Hickey for writing a touching article about Pat Burns that can only be described as "Dave Stubbs caliber." (I figure the plus for Pat Burns doesn't need to be mentioned, because if you think it's not automatically there, then, um, I'm smarter than you?)
+ to Carey Price's dad.
+ Congrats, Pleks, on 100 goals.
+ Speaking of goals, we saw some pretty good stuff from Gionta this week, and I'm thisclose to throwing another "Giontastic" out there, because that goal on Vokoun was quite, well, y'know...
+ I like it when Dennis Kane shares his many, many awesome stories about being a Habs fan in and out of Montreal, and cutting a CH logo into the grass behind his house might be my favourite one yet.
+ I'm not sure if I'd actually do this at my wedding, but future Senators wife Carrie Underwood has decided to forgo a wedding cake at her reception in favour of cupcakes. Sure, it seems a little trendy, but it's kind of cute.
+ ETA: I can't believe I forgot this, but a huge plus goes out to 30 Rock and Paula Pell, who wrote last week's episode featuring the lamest, most hilarious, Juno-nominated Ottawa Senators hype song as performed by Cheyenne Jackson's character (who is from Ottawa). If you're American you can watch the episode here. If you're Canadian like us, um, no luck. doesn't love us yet.

- Seriously? The likelihood that we've seen good guy Glen Metropolit in a Habs jersey for the last time isn't something I like to think about.
- Travis Moen's face.
- Jack Todd is a great writer. And that's the main reason why it pisses me off that he's still complaining about our goalie situation, as he's been doing for months. He's head counselor at Camp Carey Boo. I would say "it's getting old" but honestly, this act was already old when 2010 started. It's always the same story. Maybe if we're lucky, next week Mr. Todd will talk about Avatar or Kanye West's "Imma let you finish" rant.
- To myself (this is an overdue plus from last week). The Paralympics came and went, and I didn't write a single thing about sledge hockey.

Happy Passover and Easter, dear readers. And happy second-to-last week of the season! I wish you many points and no more injuries. And an excellent new episode of Lost tomorrow!

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