Thursday, March 25, 2010

No more purring: Game preview 26-03-2010

If you've seen Away We Go (completely forgotten come awards season, wtf, and people were bellyaching about 500 Days of Summer getting snubbed) you might remember the scene where the main characters watch their friends' children go to bed after watching the "Goodnight" song from The Sound of Music. They think that's where the movie ends because their parents always turn off the TV after that, saving them from watching all the evil Nazi stuff.

I kind of wish someone could have done that for me about 55 minutes into last night's game, which was looking a whole lot like a bizarro version of the last Sens game until, depending on who you ask:
a) rope-a-dope time was over
b) Ryan Miller's teammates suddenly realized that they, too, play hockey.

Seriously, if I was a Buffalo Sabre I'd be buying Miller more presents than Tiger Woods' wife has probably been receiving since December.

In any case, the team's going to leave the past behind them to face the Panthers at home tonight. Jaroslav Halak is back in nets and Travis Moen's eye situation seems to be fixed, bringing his grand total of sick days this season to 1.

He probably looks like this though

No word yet on who will sit out now that #32's back in the lineup.
~czechtacular ETA: thank you Mr. Stubbs: "Moen and Lapierre play tonight. Darche, Metropolit and Maxwell healthy scratches."
Rookie ETA: and I was a little, erm, positive in my assessment of Moen's face, as the words "black eye" have never been truer. There goes my Locke joke.

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