Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plus/Minus busts a 5-day blogless slump

Writing the last Plus/Minus on a Tuesday appears to have thrown me off my game a little. In any case, let's give this a go:

+ Scott Gomez scored a goal! Congratulations, Scotty! Shut up, everyone else!
+ Congratulations to Max Pacioretty on his first NHL hat trick. Anyone going to a home game this week: Please bring a hat to throw onto the ice in his honour.
+ Lars Eller's goal against the Leafs... okay, all five of the goals against the Leafs.
+ A pre-emptive Plus to the Ryan White callup.
+ Ryan McDonagh's goal against the Capitals today makes me hate the Rangers a little less. It's backwards logic, I know, but I guess the Rangers are worth watching? Who knew?
+ Another Galentine's Day on Parks & Recreation! I kind of love the idea of it. I hope Leslie Knope doesn't mind if I steal it.
+ It makes me beyond happy that a year of incredible, well-deserved success for Adele has come to a head on Grammy night, where the entire music industry and everyone watching at home can show her just how much they appreciate her for being both genuine and genuinely talented. If you've never been moved to tears by her voice, you MIGHT be doing it wrong.

- Condolences to NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire for the loss of his big brother. It's heartbreaking.
- I almost feel like being that obnoxious hockey fan who says that the Canadiens could have shut out the Islanders on Thursday... but didn't. Oh well.
- ¡Cosas malas! Now that "The Spanish Teacher" has aired, I think we've all seen the worst episode of Glee. Not even a great overall performance by Naya Rivera could save it.

On another note, I'm not a fan of all this Cupids-and-hearts stuff that Valentine's Day is about, but I do love my readers, so I want you to take care of your own hearts. Visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation's website to assess your risk for heart disease and what you can do to improve your health.

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