Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exclusive interview with St. John's IceCaps goalie Eddie Pasquale

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an AHL game at the Bell Centre: a tilt between the Hamilton Bulldogs and St. John's IceCaps that ended in a shootout. So much fun. I was fortunate enough to sit right behind the glass, between the IceCaps' penalty box and the corridor that led to their locker rooms. That corridor was where Eddie Pasquale spent the game, in hopes that the Bulldogs would score a ton of goals so that he could relieve David Aebischer. (I hoped that the Bulldogs would score a ton of goals, too, but a thrilling shootout win is just as good.)

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I tried to get the attention of some of the players, most notably Pasquale since he was just hanging around and chewing gum for the duration of the game. It seems like he likes it that way, as this official interview transcript* proves:

ME: So, you were recently named the AHL's Player of the Week. Congratulations!
ME: How do you like playing in St. John's? How do the fans feel about having hockey back on the Rock?
ME: You played for the Chicago Wolves last season. What was that like?
ME: You've got some former Habs on your team. How do they feel about being back in Montreal?
ME: Did they put any money on the board?
PASQUALE: [death stare]
ME: What's your favourite curse word?
PASQUALE: [chews gum intently]
ME: Seriously? Those questions always work when James Lipton asks them. Damn it, Pasquale, you're at the damn BELL CENTRE! It's the greatest arena on Earth! Show some emotion! SAY SOMETHING!!

You couldn't get a word out of this guy yesterday if you tried. He's like the AHL's very own Seinfeld "Desperado" guy.

*not an official interview transcript

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