Sunday, May 15, 2011

An oddly timed second-round Plus Minus

I'm apparently terrible at writing my post-playoff Plus/Minuses on time. What should I even write about? These teams aren't the Habs.

+ Repeating myself already, and I haven't written anything yet. I already congratulated the Tampa Bay Lightning on sweeping the Capitals. I'm saying it again.  As much as I like Washington, it was a relief to see them lose to a HIHW-approved team and coach.
+ What a great round for goalies, including but not limited to Niemi and Roloson, who did everything their teams needed them to do. (I remember wondering why Steve Yzerman decided to buy Roloson back in January. I don't wonder that anymore.)
+ Hell of a series between San Jose and Detroit. Just when it seemed like nothing could top the first round of the playoffs, the second-round matchups proved to be a perfect fit.
+ Devin Setoguchi was something else this round.

- The Canadiens weren't in this round.
- It's really a shame that we've seen the last of Shea Weber's beard. I'm sure Paul Mara shed a tear for it when Nashville lost Game 6.
- Dear Philadelphia Flyers: Wow, you must really hate Montreal if you couldn't even win one game to avenge us.
- Dear Daniel Carcillo: I know that guys say really gross things when they're talking in private, but when you say something on a public forum, you have to watch yourself.

- Because I can't write this post without saying this: We're sending prayers and condolences to the family, friends, and fans of Derek Boogaard. What a shocking, unjust death. No one should die that young. 

Hopefully the next Plus/Minus will end on a more positive note.
Best of luck to the four teams still in the race for the Stanley Cup.

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