Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sort of a Plus Minus... but... spookier

Wow. So. We haven't updated in a week... please pray to the Apple gods that my Macbook will be fixed soon.

So, for some Halloween fun, revisit last year's HIHW Halloween fun and my Halloween costume post at All Habs (which, regrettably, doesn't include Three Hole Punch Jeff Halpern). Also, enjoy this Plus Minus all dressed up for Halloween.

Some type of Robert Johnson business going on? Andrei Kostitsyn and his crazy goal-scoring these days. Some people may attribute his success to supernatural causes. Other people know that he's just working very, very hard.

Extremely deserving of candy: The aforementioned AK46 and, obviously, his linemates. Good job, guys. Have a Kit Kat.

Would probably make a great Halloween prankster: PK Subban. So unbelievably fun. So unbelievably fast.

Like werewolves: Benoit Pouliot and Maxim Lapierre are just regular guys, until a full moon or something happens, and then they're sort of superhuman.

Trying his hand at a sexy (but totally hetero) pirate costume: Brian Gionta. Cut me some slack here, I've just been waiting a really long time to make "captain" jokes.

The invisible man: Jacques Martin. Does he wear those ties so that we remember he's there?

Practicing the Thriller dance: Scott Gomez and Jaroslav Spacek... if they're not going to step up on-ice, they'd better be doing SOMETHING.

Waiting for the Great Pumpkin: Are there still people out there, holding their blankies, expecting Gomez and Gionta to start producing once the magic linemate is found?

Don't come to my door: No jerks allowed. I missed the Coyotes game for a film screening, which was slightly ruined by the movie-talkers sitting next to me. Then I came home and watched CH Express and had my eyes assaulted, repeatedly, by some moron in a highlighter-yellow shirt. If people get great seats at hockey games, they should use them to ACTUALLY WATCH THE GAME. If you want to be on TV so badly, try being talented at something.

Happy Halloween to everyone! (Especially the kids who got an extra-special treat yesterday from the Canadiens and Leucan.)

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