Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello again, Devils

(Note from Rookie: Site maintenance prevents me from posting pictures at this moment, which is too bad because I had a good one!)

So how'd that Kovalchuk thing work out for you in the end? I fell asleep after like 600 pages. It was a really long story, and there just wasn't enough suspense. From what I can gather, Ilya's still around and you guys only have like ten other players on the team.

In case you didn't hear, last summer we took Brian Gionta from you and things are going great. We were together for a whole season, plus three rounds of playoffs, and over the summer we missed him so much that we decided to give him our captaincy when he came back. Yeah, we're pretty happy, thanks for asking. OK, fine, now that you mention it, he and Scott Gomez aren't scoring as many goals as our top line, but whatever. This is like the only fight we've had with him and we've been together over a year. How's having an eleven-player roster working out for you so far?

I fully expect any and all Habs fans attending the game tonight to wear their Gionta jerseys and T-shirts and show off that "C" very proudly to every TV camera and New Jersey Devil they run into.
Also, since site maintenance won't let me put up that picture, you'll have to settle for the ones I made for today's Game Day Thread at The NHL Arena.

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