Thursday, October 7, 2010

I want a do-over

It looks as though the Leafs' idea to make their ice out of river water from everywhere in Canada (!) paid off. We're screwed, then, because the Leafs won and Toronto still thinks it's the center of the universe. Remember, everyone: Montreal has better bagels. And Arcade Fire. So yeah, OK, Toronto, you won this game, but whatever. Go listen to Down With Webster and eat your bagels that look like donuts.

Oh, and Toronto? You brought out Leafs legends from all ten provinces before the game, but Canada also has territories. And they hate you now.

"Remember us?"

Carey Price may have started the game in a not-ideal way, letting in 2 goals in the first ten minutes, but he quickly found his stride and made us all forget he was sick yesterday. Which is excellent news for Jaroslav Spacek, who wasn't exactly in top shape tonight. If I were Spacek, I'd thank Carey Price profusely.

Other than Carey Price, one person on the Canadiens payroll is probably smiling quite a bit: Pierre Gauthier. Our two goals came from new guys, to which I say good job, Boyd and Halpern. And shape up, Scott Gomez: an almost-goal is not the same thing as a goal.

I'm hoping that for the majority of the season, this team can stay healthy. If the Canadiens have a full roster for most of the season, they'll be ok, but powerplays just weren't as good as they needed to be because we were missing key players.

Also missing: fights. It took the Battle of Alberta like ten seconds to get fighty. This was just a little bit too tame for a Habs-Leafs game... unless you count the fight that broke out after the game ended. Ryan White could have fixed that. But I won't dwell on White being cut... as long as Mathieu Darche can stop taking stupid penalties. He knows better.

Okay, it wasn't a perfect game. That's okay, game 2 is in less than 48 hours, and the Habs know a thing or two about beating Pittsburgh.

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