Sunday, October 3, 2010

Plus/Minus is back!!

After giving the NHL a vacation from Plus/Minus this summer, I'm back at it. Has it really been four months since I've written one of these?

With the Habs' preseason over, and the team at sleepaway camp in Charlevoix this week (last chance to wear sweatpants in public!) there's finally some material to plus and minus. Yay!

Does anyone else have a sudden urge to go dancing with these guys?

+ We actually have a captain. I almost forgot what it felt like.
+ White, Engqvist, and all the other young players who took advantage of their preseason ice time and showed us what they're made of.
+ Mathieu Darche gave arguably the best interviews out of any Hab this preseason. Players' relationship with the media was pretty relaxed in most cases, but Darche gave honest answers and was supportive of his teammates. Being perfectly bilingual also helped a little.
+ Slightly unnecessary goalie equipment plus: Nice helmet, bAuldy. Nice pads, Carey.
+ The Bulldogs just won in a shootout!
+ This isn't so much a "plus" as it is a "WTF": Alex Kovalev (isn't he supposed be Alexei again?) getting into a fight with Francois Beauchemin. Seriously. Kovalev fought. What.

Bad news, you guys. I checked, and that's not how you score a goal.
- This Mike Cammalleri/Nino Neiderreiter business. Nino, if you try to hit our Cammy again, we as a city will make you regret it. Cammy, you have to be the bigger man in cases like this. Just give him one solid poke and leave it at that. Don't run after a rookie like a kid chasing a kitten.
- Everyone who's still whining about Carey Price - both fans and journalists.
- Enough with the Nordiques whining! Some people need a new hobby.

Enjoy your sweatpants, everybody!


  1. I always enjoy the Darche interviews. He has a way to speak French that's really weird. He's kind of mumbling and he speaks with his nose. Add his Quebec accent (yes), and sometimes it's almost impossible to understand. :)

  2. Greg, if you think Darche's accent is bad, you wouldn't survive a day working retail in this province.

  3. Ahahaha, I know! I survived a full year in Montreal (I wasn't working retail though) and a few years of RDS hockey broadcasts, so I'm relatively used to the Quebec accents, but yeah, Darche is probably the strongest in that room. (MAB was pretty good too last year)


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