Monday, July 4, 2011

The World Has Turned And Left Me Here

I lost my favourite prospect on Canada Day.

No thanks to Steve Yzerman for taking away our James T. Wyman. With Wyman becoming Tampa Bay property and Ryan White likely to spend lots of time in Montreal next season, I've got to pick a new favourite Bulldog. (The frontrunner, by default, is Czechtacular's Gabriel Dumont.)
What to do with this sign now?
I've also got to get used to the fact that the player I loved seeing at the Bell Centre twice a year won't be at Bulldogs games anymore, but with any luck will play for the Bolts in Quebec City on October 1st. And, knowing how his former coach Guy Boucher has been running things in Tampa, I wouldn't be surprised to see J.T. Wyman get some NHL ice time. And yes, to be honest, I know that he's more likely to be an NHL player in Tampa than in Montreal. He was called up once by the Canadiens, and by pure luck I had game tickets and got to see him in a Habs uniform. Now I might get to see him in a Lightning uniform. Who knows, maybe there'll be a Bolts fan who becomes as bizarrely attached to him as I am.

Having played defense growing up, he's a great defensive forward. He's tough, but not violent, and he can find his way to the net. And he went to Dartmouth. I'm going to miss him.

Take care of him, Tampa Bay.


  1. That sign rocks.

    My new sign will be "WHYYYYYYYman?!"


    At least I still got Conboy!

  2. Thanks. I'm quite glad I decided not to go with "A Wyman Is Forever."

    Maybe I should make a "WHYYYYYYYman?!" sign too.

  3. BTW, the concept was my idea but Czechtacular did all the real cutting and pasting work.

  4. One good news though, Brrrrrrrrrrrock Trotter is back! Woo!

  5. James Thomas Wyman come back from Florida nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.


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