Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My reactions to free agent signings, expressed using stills from Arrested Development

This is how I felt about Jonathan Ericsson re-signing with the Wings, 
after so many people told me he'd make a great Hab:

This is how I felt about Benoit Pouliot signing with the Boston Bruins:

This is how I felt about Brock Trotter returning to
 the Canadiens organization after a year in the KHL:

This is how I felt upon learning that Erik Cole became a Canadien:

This is how I felt about Peter Budaj becoming
 the Habs' new backup goalie:

This is how I felt about the Kings trading Simmonds and Schenn
 to the Flyers for Mike Richards:

This is how I felt when Andrei Markov signed a new contract:

This is how I felt about J.T. Wyman signing with the Lightning:

And I think this expresses Matt D'Agostini staying in St. Louis:


  1. For acquiring Gomez, someone should be saying, "I've made a huge mistake"

  2. MARKOV! Does have the same amount of syllables as STEVE HOLT!
    I'm not sure what sentiment you're conveying with the Buster sheep, but I feel sad Snoopy George Michael. And less indifferent re: the UFA signings.
    Slightly disappoint that you didn't do a "I've made a huge mistake" or anything involvong Gob doing an illusion or dressed as a giant banana


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