Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plus/Minus: love stinks, like hockey equipment

So apparently there's some "holiday" coming up (I think it's called "The Eve of 50% Off Chocolate Sales") that's all about pink and hearts and stuff, and it sounds way too girly for my taste. But it's about love, and I love hockey. Obviously.

This came from G9 Sports' "Runs On Duncan" and I really wish I had the creative juices to make Habs valentines
+ You know what I love? When goalies I like post shutouts. Carey Price shut out the Maple Leafs, and then looked like he pretended his stick was a lightsaber. Then, as if things couldn't get better, Kings goalie Jonathan Quick shut out the Flyers. Good weekend.
+ We're so proud of David Desharnais!
+ Benoit Pouliot showed the kind of confidence and aggression during the Bruins game that some people didn't think he had.
+ Ryan White and Max Pacioretty were great together this week. Do the Habs have a new one-two scoring punch? I hope this keeps up, because they have the potential to be a better pair than Hall and Oates or Jay and Silent Bob.
+ Time to stand up and applaud the New York Islanders - not for turning into a bunch of goons, but for actually playing. Behaviour aside, they didn't play like a last-place team this week. I'm sure there's an Islanders blog out there called "Isle Be Damned" that is really happy about some road wins.
+ I'd like to thank the Detroit Red Wings for standing up for the classier half of the Original Six and beating the Bruins with a quite enjoyable final score of 6-1.

- Thanks, Gregory Campbell, for beating Tom Pyatt's face with your elbow pad or whatever it was. That was super classy. I could totally go after you because I'm not employed by the NHL so your dad can't suspend me. Oh wait... you've got like 80 pounds on me. Fine. You win this time.
- If this Max Pacioretty injury turns out to be serious, I will be very upset.
- Can the NHL just crack down on useless violence and head shots once and for all? I like good fights and clean hits, but no one deserves to miss half a season (or more) because he got hit.

- Biggest Minus of the week, and possibly ever: Habs Inside/Out shared two clips of a couple of amateur broadcaster idiots in Boston desperate for radio callers who clearly thought that making stupid generalizations makes better radio than actually talking about sports. I figured no one could say anything dumber this week, and clearly I was wrong, because some Leafs fans had a ball on Saturday night and Sunday morning tweeting about PK Subban. Now, I don't like it when people say he's a jerk, or that he plays dirty, or whatever, but at least those are hockey-related complaints. When you have nothing better to do than make comments about the colour of his skin, you need to turn your computer off and think about how comfortable you'd be making those comments out loud in public. If you still have no problem with the fact that you're a filthy racist, please ask someone to club you over the head, or at the very least, make sure you never ever have children. The world would be a much better place without people like you.
I can't even tell you how happy I am that the few Leafs fans I follow on Twitter didn't say anything of the like.

I can only hope that this is as stupid as people get. Please, universe, don't make me eat my words this time next week.

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  1. I forgot to give Mike Keane a Plus! His jersey was retired by the Manitoba Moose over the weekend.


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