Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Habs 3 - Canucks 2 - Scientology 0

When your team has lost three consecutive games against teams they should feasibly be able to beat, there isn't always much to joke about. Luckily for me, someone told Twitter that Tom Cruise for some reason or another attended last night's game. Photo here, although what they omitted is that director/funnyman Simon Pegg is RIGHT THERE NEXT TO HIM. Come on!

Anyway, those of you who do not follow me on Twitter missed all the Tom Cruise jokes I made.

If Tom Cruise gets really worked up about the game, will he jump up and down on his seat?

Dear Tom Cruise: If you try to lure any Canuck or Hab into joining Scientology, rest assured I WILL cut a bitch.

If someone gets injured during this game, will Tom Cruise cry and scream "TALK TO ME GOOSE!!"

If Scott Gomez scores, will Tom Cruise say "Show me the money"?

Is Tom Cruise going to personalize his hockey jersey by putting "Xenu" on the back?

Can we use Tom Cruise as an example to all the people who like to laugh at how short some Habs are?

Thought they were... RT @ Probably a good thing we're not there. Tom Cruise in the bldg. Scientologists are not fans of Greenmen

Please let this game not self-destruct in the third period.

On Scott Gomez getting ice time over Desharnais: trying to get the best out of every penny, I guess.

too tired to get up and cheer. I really, really liked this game.  had all the right moves.

Highway out of the danger zone, Habs. Come on home with your 2 points in hand.

Only thing that sucks: I couldn't come up with any Interview with the Vampire puns.
(Although, without noticing, I made one within that tweet. Also, if I could go back to yesterday, I'd say that Tom Cruise was probably expecting vampires pretending to be humans pretending to be hockey players.)

I'd say more about the game, but I was so excited the Habs won I'm not sure I slept at all. So all I will say is congratulations, Habs.

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  1. I forgot this one from All Habs colleague Lyse (aka @touteparpillee):!/touteparpillee/status/40270863282479104

    @touteparpillee But victory is still Far and Away. RT @MAGodin: @GagnonFrancois @CJ_Stevenson Until AK46 goal, it remained Risky Business !


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