Monday, August 16, 2010

This day only comes once a year

I said it on time on Twitter, but I'm a little late here. It's a big week for my boys from BC. Saturday was Josh Gorges' birthday (26 turned 26!), and today is Carey Price's birthday, which is almost over, but if he's still on the West Coast then I've got quite a while left to send him good birthday vibes.

I didn't make any cupcakes for the occasion, and now I'm too intimidated.

I'm not sure what it means, though, to have your August birthday come and go without a new contract and watching a Hamilton goalie get traded for another support-staff goalie. I don't think there'll be any Carey/Karri hate going on, but it's kind of like your parents talking about your brother while you blow out your candles. Should we be paying attention to other goalies when there's a pretty big one who needs to be taken care of? (Most people are saying yes. So this is where I remind you all that I go by "Rookie".)

Saturday was also the birth day - literally - of my cousin's son. Little Jacob is cute, healthy, and 18 years away from being draft eligible. Tell your scouts about him!

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