Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Who are these people?

You may have noticed the "Mutual Love" blogroll that we recently added to our sidebar. It might be a cheesy name for a list, but it fits: These are people who seem to like us enough to link to us, and they're great reads. Plus they like us, so obviously we like them back. As long as none of them try to text us at 3 AM when we have work the next day.

A lot of this linkage - and the increased pageviews that came with it - came from people we know on Twitter, and we really appreciate their support and their kind words. Our longtime, pre-offseason readers mean just as much to us, so thank you for reading.

If you're wondering who all these people are, I'll tell you:

Dennis Kane: OK, this man needs no introduction. You have to be reading him already. He's the most popular Habs blogger out there for a reason: his blend of knowledge, analysis, and fan experience. He tells the best stories and he loves interacting with his readers. His wife is probably right when she says that his is the best site in the world!

The Active Stick: She's one of those bloggers that makes us realize that our original plan, to have a blog that showed the world that there are female hockey fans out there who actually care about the sport, is basically moot. (Luckily, there are still idiots out there who need to be proven wrong, so it's good to know we're not alone in the girl-blogger universe.) She makes great lists, better than ours, and she's great for a laugh especially when she's taking Pierre McGuire down a peg.

The Bad Habit: To be honest, I read Stevo's tweets more than his blog, but his writing style is the same in both - conversational, funny, and just mean enough.

The Soft European: Greg is basically the coolest France-based Habs fan we know. We can be his friend now that the World Cup is over, because we're cheering for the same sports team again. He's a little bit like us, although he's only wordy when he wants to be, and most of the time I can't shut up. As you probably already know.

Tyger By The Tail: Tyger's blog is just as much about her own life as it is about the Habs. You'll get to know her, and if you know anything about golf, you'll probably relate to her more than I can. Hockey in the winter, golf in the summer... that makes her an NHL girl through and through.

The Winter of (dis)content: Okay, so EP is the blogger on this list that we've spent the most time with in real life. She's also the one most likely to make me look bad. She started watching hockey around the same time that I did, but has managed to learn so much more than I have in the same amount of time. She knows a lot about the minor leagues, and blogs about tennis during tennis season as well.

Anything & Nothing: Chile_Pepper is a mommy of two who loves the Canadiens all the way from Vancouver. I'm not usually one to stick around for stories about people's children (especially when they're talking about little Jack's potty-training during lunch) but it's so easy to see where she's coming from that you can't help but love hearing about her kids. You'll think you've known her forever once you start reading her.

So, while you're waiting for the team to settle in and the season to start, you'll know who to read to help pass the time.


  1. I'm absolutely honored that would even think about including me in a blog. Wanted to ask you... if someone asks me what my blog's about, can i copy/paste what you wrote and just answer that? Sounds better then what I'm able to come up with!! >:)
    Thanks again!

  2. Dollface...thanks so much for the recommend!! Am also inclined to use your description in future bios. OK by you? Thank you!!!

  3. Chile! I didn't even know you had your own blog!!

  4. Thank you for mentioning me! Too bad you're sending your readers my way right when my blog looks completely abandoned. There are huge dustbunnies and spider webs everywhere out there... Hopefully I'll have more stuff to say in September than in August!

  5. Gotta add my thanks as well for being mentioned on your blog, of which I'm a devoted fan. I'm flat out honoured to be included in such fine company.

  6. This post was intended as a thank-you for linking to us, so it's kind of funny that you all thanked me for this.
    Tyg, I had to refrain from writing "and she's a huge fan of me!" in your writeup, because it's kind of surprising to hear so many compliments from just one person!


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