Monday, January 11, 2010

So... what else is new?

I don't want to have another one of those weeks where I don't write anything... mostly because the last time it happened, ~czechtacular thought I had gone missing or something. So... what's there to write about?

Little kids and medical professionals are probably beside themselves right now that the Canadiens are making their long-awaited annual visit to the city's childrens' hospitals. The visits were originally supposed to take place at the end of November but were delayed because of increased H1N1 precautions at the time. Since the holiday season has come and gone, I guess we won't be seeing our Habs wearing Santa hats and antlers, but the kids will be speechless nonetheless.

Elsewhere in hockey...

After winning the shootout that ended Saturday night's thrilling game against the Canucks, Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla has dubbed recent callup Jamie Lundmark "The Closer." I wonder what his Southern accent sounds like.

New Jersey Devils forward Jamie Langenbrunner has been named Captain America for this year's U.S. Olympic team. Because if there's anything a Langenbrunner jersey needs, it's extra letters.

Curtis Joseph, cited by our Jaroslav Halak as a major influence on his goaltending game, will announce his retirement in two shakes of a rabbit's tail.

According to Hockey Night In Canada, Alex Burrows is the third Sedin brother. (They didn't specify "from another mother," but a lot of people stopped using that phrase like ten years ago so I'm glad HNIC is up to speed.)

I think blog posts like this are the reason why Seth Meyers hosts Weekend Update and I don't.

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