Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hockey's bigger in Montreal: Game Preview 14-01-10

It's been a few days since we had a Habs game to watch, but they've done enough off the ice to stay in the news. And the rest of the NHL has had its share of game-related news, so there's been plenty to talk about. (We're secretly thanking Sedin brother #3 for that.)

So, a city where hockey is king plays host to a team that is not the Dallas Cowboys. What do you need to know? Better yet, what can I tell you about the Dallas Stars? Um... time for bullet points.

On the Habs side of things:
  • A bunch of guys have been creeping up into Tomas Plekanec's point space, putting him in fifteenth place overall. He's apparently so distraught about it that he temporarily abandoned his signature goatee.
  • Georges Laraque is back in the lineup, and for once he's probably grateful for his brief ice time since he doesn't seem to be in the right mindframe for play right now.
  • Ryan O'Byrne will probably sit out this game, but as some very happy little patients can confirm, he's back in town.
  • As you've heard, the Canadiens currently have the best power play in the league, but could be doing a bit better as far as playoff chances are concerned. It's January, though.

On the Stars side of things:
  • I'd watch this game very carefully if those pesky transaction rumours are true.
  • The Stars are coming to town with two wins in their last six games. All four losses have been on the road.
  • As you know, Mike Ribeiro's out for a while (karma's rough sometimes), so today's former Hab is St├ęphane Robidas, who is not on Team Canada. (I'm just stating a fact.)
  • Brad Richards is one of the guys who has more points than Plekanec. (13 goals, 39 assists, to be exact, and no goatee either.)
  • Celebrity lookalike news: Assistant captain and subject of many negative Facebook groups Steve Ott isn't a team scoring leader, but I must mention him due to a recent discovery. My fellow nerds might be interested to know that Ott looks a whole lot like actor Alan Tudyk, best known for his role on Firefly.

Joss Whedon fans rejoice!!

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  1. To everyone except the five people who watched Firefly, Alan Tudyk is best known as Steve The Pirate.


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