Monday, May 7, 2012

More Pop Culture Musings

I haven't written a post like this in about a year, but here's a whole bunch of random pop culture stuff...

You know how there's the Seinfeld curse and the Superman curse? I think I discovered the Love Don't Cost A Thing curse. First, Jennifer Lopez recorded a (bad) song with that title because she was a superstar or something. Ten years later, she's a judge on American Idol. Then, the song's title was used for a 21st-century remake of Can't Buy Me Love, and no I have not seen it. It starred Christina Milian (who is now some kind of sideline reporter on NBC's The Voice) and Nick Cannon (who now hosts another one of those shows.) It turns out that Nicole Scherzinger was also in this movie, after she was a finalist on PopStars but before her Pussycat Dolls fame got her a job as a judge on The X Factor. So, thanks, Love Don't Cost A Thing, for causing so many reality-competition programs.
By the way, I'm part of a generation whose movies are named after Jennifer Lopez songs instead of Beatles songs. This sucks.

Everyone was awfully excited for Alexander Skarsgard to become a movie star when he was cast in Battleship. But that was before The Year of Michael Fassbender happened...

James Cameron has announced that he's pretty much only going to make Avatar movies from now on. Which makes sense, because each one takes approximately twenty years to make. The good thing about this is that if Cameron is in the business of making Avatar movies, no one else will have to! Yay! (Not that they would, after the mess that was John Carter.)

Speaking of John Carter and Battleship, I'm quite sure that Taylor Kitsch never wants to make a movie with CGI ever again. Which is a shame, because he'd be perfect for the role of Finnick Odair in the Hunger Games sequels, if a white actor is cast.

Is it just wishful thinking to hope that the success of The Avengers will turn everyone into a huge Joss Whedon fan, thus increasing interest in his TV series, thus making Firefly popular, thus putting Whedon and Tim Minear to work on a second Firefly movie?
Or is the best I can hope for that Whedon's career doesn't go all Tim Burton on us and studios start slapping his name on any project they want to make money off of?

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