Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Are we still friends going into Game 5?

Wow. It should come as no surprise that both teams really, really want to win this series.

Phoenix threw a couple more punches (some into Dwight King's face, others not) and then clawed their way back into LA's net, and thus into the series. These dogs weren't just going to roll over and let the Kings win. They're in this for the win. Or, more specifically, their captain is.
Shane Doan is scoring goals like it's going out of style. Maybe his teammates think it is. But if anyone can set a trend, it's Shane Doan - the kind of captain that Dustin Brown is going to be someday.

So, the question remains... Is Czechtacular still answering my texts? Does every save by Mike Smith make me want to find a new hockey sensei?
In the words of Czechtacular: "Doan stop believing."

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