Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are we still friends after Game 2?

The Kings now lead the Western Conference Final having won both of the first two games of the series.
The Coyotes retaliated by playing a more physical game than they usually do.

It was certainly the kind of game that could test a friendship.

I wasn't pleased that the Coyotes decided to get all hit-y and injure Dustin Brown. Neither was Czechtacular.
She doesn't seem pleased that Jeff Carter scored a hat trick. To be honest, Jeff Carter is not my favourite King. So maybe I'm not over the moon about it either.

We remain friends going into Game 3.

But apparently I need to stop asking her every day if we're still friends.

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  1. I ask her the same before game 2 and the answer is Yes ... even if the Kings wins ... but i respect her and the choice of the Yotes (his non habs favourite ) against my pool team ...


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