Monday, May 14, 2012

Are we still friends after Game 1?

It's the Western Conference Finals. As our longtime readers know, Czechtacular loves the Coyotes. I somehow became kind of an LA Kings fan over the last two years and haven't recoiled in horror at the thought of all the additions (and subtractions) made to the team in the last year.

Czechtacular has a strong dislike for the Kings. I by no means dislike the Coyotes. But I think this is the first time since I asked her how to become a hockey fan that we've been on opposite sides of a playoff series. Will the friendship survive?

After Game 1: Yes.

I'm happy that the Kings won but that no one was seriously injured. (This isn't Pens-Flyers; I actually want all of the players to end this series unscathed.)
Czechtacular hates Dustin Brown. I'm not sure how anyone could hate Dustin Brown, but she does.

We remain friends going into Game 2.

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