Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Tim Thomas' New BFF!

The Capitals/Bruins series heads into Verizon Center tied at 1-1. Tim Thomas has probably been dreading another visit to Washington. He expressed his dislike for the Obama administration by refusing to visit the White House with his teammates. Now every time he goes to his nation's capital, Tim Thomas is That Guy Who Hates Democrats.

It seems like no one is on his side, so he can probably use a friend right about now. You know what that means...
Tim Thomas is an awful lot like Adam Baldwin, who you've surely seen playing some badass in a movie or TV show. Baldwin is never not cool in his roles. All he does is kick ass and be large (see Full Metal Jacket, Firefly*, or Chuck.) I love him to bits. I would watch pretty much anything if he was in it. Thomas, likewise, is really good at being a goalie and stuff.
But then politics come into play and you start wondering if this real-life person is the same guy you see on TV. Thomas expressing all his views over Facebook and then saying he won't comment any further, then commenting further. Baldwin tweeting more about politics than anything he's ever worked on, referring to Obama as "PrezBO" and coming off like a crazy conspiracy theorist who should maybe dial it back a little? Both of them make me happy that I live in Canada and tend to ignore most major news media.

Thomas and Baldwin would make great friends because they can just argue and argue without realizing that they agree with each other. They would just keep coming up with things to be worried about and people who should be President, and they'd always have each other as an audience. Heck, they can get their own show on FOX News and non-Republicans might actually watch it!

With any luck, they might cool it a little with the social network insanity, and we the people can go back to enjoying their work without having politics get in the way.

* I haven't touched my Firefly DVDs in ages, mostly because there just aren't enough episodes, and I would be heartbroken once I reached the end of the series. Plus, I'd probably start talking like the characters, and then no one would understand a gorram thing I say.

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