Saturday, June 25, 2011

Plus/Minus wraps up for the season

This was supposed to be my Stanley Cup Final Plus/Minus. But then everything happened.

+ All the great citizens of Vancouver who got together and cleaned up their city after the riots.
+ Ryan Kesler for trying to play his ass off in the Stanley Cup Final, even though he was obviously injured.
+ Dear Jon Hamm: Thank you for showing up at the NHL Awards, and then calling Tim Thomas' mustache a "modifed Ron Swanson."
+ Andrei Kostitsyn, Mathieu Darche, Max Pacioretty, David Desharnais, and Andrei Markov (!) are all re-upped for next year. AK and Darche for one year, Pac and Desharnais for two, and Marky for three - does this mean Josh Gorges will sign for at least 4 years? Someone please say yes.

- All the idiots in Vancouver who thought it was a good idea to destroy the city. I know not everyone who was there is at fault, but take it from a Montrealer: Riots are never a good idea.
- I've seen worse hits than the one on Nathan Horton, but what was Aaron Rome even thinking? Hitting someone like that in the Stanley Cup Final is never a good idea.
- You all know how I feel about all these Philadelphia trades. Drafting Sean Couturier didn't help.
- Devin Setoguchi JUST signed a new contract with the Sharks. And got traded just over 24 hours later. Why? And can they un-trade him?
- (Last minute addition) Oh, and my last warning to people STILL saying "Sedin sisters" wasn't enough? Seriously. You're just being an idiot. Stop. Or please watch some other sport.

Wow, this entire Plus/Minus could have turned into a Weekend Update-style "Really?!?" I'm not sure how I restrained myself.
Looks like this offseason won't be as boring as most people expected it to be.

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  1. I forgot a Plus!
    + to Ryan O'Byrne for biking in the Ride To Conquer Cancer in memory of his mother. And to all the hockey players (and regular folk) who sponsored him!


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