Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you, Kirk

So, we're losing our Kirk Muller to the AHL.
Not gonna lie, we all knew this day would come but that doesn't make saying goodbye any easier.

Looking at Kirk, a Stanley Cup winner turned assistant coach, reminded us of the Canadiens' pedigree as the greatest team in anything, ever. (As if we needed reminding. But humour us here.) I also loved how Welcome Back, Kotter this was: Kirk was assistant to two other important, Cup-winning Habs players. It was a testament to just how great he is.

I've loved watching Muller work with players at practices and development camps. I don't know if all assistant coaches do this, but he led the players without any pretense of power. He treated them as equals, explaining every drill and staying on the ice to help them out. He'll make a great head coach. Too bad he's too nice to hate irrationally as soon as something goes wrong with the team - maybe he'll never come back to Montreal as a head coach for exactly that reason.

I miss him already.

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