Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plus/Minus: Gettin' busy

This week I got to spread my wings a little and talk hockey in a couple of new places. I was asked to take part in the Sunday Shinny panel on The Franchise. I handled early-morning radio at least as well as late-night radio, I'd say. It was also nice to not be surprised by the realization that I have to choose, of all things, a baseball team. (Decision still pending.)

I also filled out the Female Fan Frenzy questionnaire for Queen Crash, as over 100 female hockey fans from teams around the NHL have done before me.

Oh, and the Montreal Canadiens did stuff this week too.

+ Harold Gill. Two goals. One week. I think I'll start a For Your Consideration campaign to get him the Art Ross Trophy.
+ David Desharnais playing like he's as tall as Gill. I love it!
+ It may have hurt to see Ben Maxwell in a Thrashers jersey, but the arrival of Brent Sopel just happened to coincide with four consecutive wins. I'm cool with winning.
+ Legendary Habs forward Elmer Lach is apparently recovering well from surgery to repair his broken hip. I hope he's up and around as soon as possible!
+ The Bulldogs won this afternoon. Gabriel Dumont set Brendon Nash up for a game-winning overtime goal. Who could ask for anything more?
+ Jarome Iginla: 10 consecutive 30-goal seasons. See? This is why he's my favourite!

- Did Mason Raymond just get injured? Please say no.
- It's probably not as bad as the high ankle sprain suffered by a certain Oiler who had previously been in the race for rookie of the year. (As usual, yes, I am also in that race.)
- All other injuries go in this Minus. Please stop getting hurt, NHL.
- Attendance is bad in cities like Atlanta. Unless the number of people who attend Thrashers games magically doubles within the next week, we'll keep hearing about it. But until someone says something new and original about unpopular teams and how they should be moved to [insert city here], just stop talking about it. There's a month left in the regular season and plenty of hockey to talk about. Why not discuss the Atlanta Thrashers or the Phoenix Coyotes as they are right now? If fans in cities like Quebec and Winnipeg really love hockey, they'll watch hockey. They won't just tune in to a three-minute segment about how whatever team should be moved to whatever city.

This week looks like it'll be a big one around the league! TV is in reruns, right? Right? I hope so.

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  1. Thing is...Atlanta is already on it's second leg (the Calgary Flames moved from there). And the other thing is no one ever put that much effort (save for the local population with their mass rallies and mad scrambles for support to save their teams) to keep the teams in Winnipeg or Quebec City. They were even two-steps close to moving a storied franchise like the Montreal Canadiens before Mr. Gillet saved it all! (Which is all I'll say about the local billionaires who abandoned the Habs and the Nords, but are now falling over themselves to get a piece of the proposed pie). The Winnipeg one hurts the most. I mean 33-thousand people went to a rally to save their team and ended up getting pissed on. The Coyotes, their beloved moved-team now suffering in the desert, had 300 people and a politician that's doing something the general population doesn't even support. (Meanwhile Atlanta is just a bad sports town in general. I don't know what their problem is but it's like that with all their sports teams). Gary Bettman never ever ever ever put as much mad effort as he's doing now to save those lost franchises. Never mind they're not the only ones bleeding money that rely on the Habs/Leafs/Rangers payouts. And now he turns around and says shit about Edmonton's future concerning their so-called financial situation and old arena that the team is looking to make new.

    Isn't it funny how he's quick and eager to move a Canadian-based franchise, and is practically salivating over the thought for potential new ones to move, but it's over his dead body for a money pit south of the Mason Dixon line... And that's the most aggravating part about the whole situation.


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