Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pictures from the anti-headshot demonstration

Not a huge crowd, no noise complaints, no violence. Just people hoping to show some strength in numbers. I only spent about half an hour at the Bell Centre as the protest was starting. Hopefully the media attention and the petition signatures help to show that fans care. If nothing comes out of this, at least we tried, right?

(Sorry that this isn't a fancy album or anything. You can click on each picture for a better view.)

Lots of parents and kids there.

Yes. I was a sneaky snake and surreptitiously took a picture
of TSN's John Lu. What?

Organizers used their megaphone every few minutes to encourage people
to sign a petition, to be sent to Gary Bettman's office.
They also handed out signs in both languages. Organized, good initiative.

This is the French text of the petition that was signed.

You've probably already seen pictures of this kid.
He didn't mind being photographed and he attended
the rally wearing Caps gear.

A picket sign held up by a hockey stick.

This guy was really enthusiastic.
He was wearing a "Die Chara Die" T-shirt.
I remember seeing those at Off The Hook a few years ago,
thought it was a little barbaric.
But... unfortunately it seems to fit current discourse.
(That needs to change, by the way.)

Better shot, courtesy of @Latter61 on Twitter

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