Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Don't Want Revenge

So. Everyone's calling tonight's Habs-Bruins game the big "revenge" game because everyone hates each other (even more than usual) now that Chara broke Max. But that game was also some kind of "revenge" game since it was the big rematch after The Game Where Everyone Scored And/Or Fought Each Other. They're one bride away and one installment closer to the Kill Bill trilogy.

I don't want any more crazy violence. Mostly because I have no idea what could possibly count as "retribution" for what happened to Pacioretty. (Go ahead, Bruins fans, chirp me. I know I'm asking for it and I know it'll make you feel better, and I'm still working on my "Relax, Chill Out" plan so you can say whatever you want but I won't respond.)

Sure, I'm upset with basically the entire Bruins team. (Except for Tyler Seguin, who wouldn't be in this mess if he were a Toronto Maple Leaf, and also he's just so little that I can't hate him yet, right?) I'll try not to focus on my anger and think of something else:

No, not the brutal hit that left me shaken when I should have been watching just another hockey game. Not at all. If anything, I'm trying to forget a few details about that hit. I already mentioned that I had a lot of respect for the Bruins staff member who was on the ice, helping out (that's him on the right side).

Now, thanks to a recent article by Dave Stubbs, I know that he's Don DelNegro, athletic trainer for the Bruins, and that he came to the assistance of the Canadiens' medical staff without being asked.

It's nice to be able to put a name to the face and the kind gesture. Thank you, Don DelNegro. I'll try to remember his kindness during this game, when everyone else's tension will probably get me all frustrated. And I'll hope that he doesn't have to rush onto the ice again tonight. I just want to watch some hockey, that's it.

Go Habs Go.

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