Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Plus/Minus isn't embellishing, because it doesn't own an eyelash curler.

A whole lot has happened in the last two weeks, hasn't it? Some things were expected (Jennifer Lawrence got that Oscar) and some weren't (Habs lost to the Islanders.)


+ Carey Price made a save from the bench. If that doesn't go on his all-time highlight reel, then I will need to speak to some video editors.
+ Max Pacioretty got his scoring groove back!
+ 2  Congratulations to Francois Bouillon on his 500th game as a Hab, and to the team for their 20,000th franchise goal.
+ Actually, thanks for all of the goals over the weekend!
+ The Gallys did an excellent job of taking a prank in stride and walking around like some kind of millennial Night at the Roxbury spinoff.
+ Anthony Bourdain owns a Habs jersey:

+ Hamilton Bulldogs won at the Bell Centre! (A Plus within this Plus for Jarred Tinordi, due to personal preferences, and to Nathan Beaulieu, whose game is as good as his swag, or something.)
+ You know what? I'm giving a Plus to Jay Feaster. I can't say that giving an offer sheet to Ryan O'Reilly was a good idea, but it was lots of fun while it lasted.
+ The Parks and Recreation wedding was better than most weddings I've been to. (I hope none of my friends or relatives are reading this.)

- Dear Habs: I love you, and that is why you have to stop losing to the Islanders.
- Can our injured players come back already?
- Despite all of the thinkpieces that have been written about this, I have to add my two cents: Seth MacFarlane was supposed to be the "edgy" comedian who gets to entertain the world by hosting the Oscars. And yet he relied on tired jokes about women, bits that ran too long, and just a hint of anti-Semitism. With any luck, Neil Patrick Harris will do a much better job next year.

February sweeps are over, so that means that TV is slowing down for a couple of weeks in order to gear up for the end of season. With the exception of Scandal, I guess. Should I start preparing now for the inevitable frenzy of first-round playoffs vs season finales?

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