Saturday, March 2, 2013

My PaleyFest 2013: The Walking Dead

I'm not in Los Angeles for PaleyFest - an annual television festival with nightly panel discussions featuring the cast and creators of popular shows - this year. So I'm just imagining what I'd do if I was there.

Night 1: The Walking Dead

A show that I'm too squeamish to watch (people without jaws, y'all) but the first night of PaleyFest is always worth going to - you get to give yourself a sense of how the theatre is laid out, meet some people and see what other panels they're going to, and watch the PaleyFest intro video. (It features clips of each show featured in that year's festival, and usually the show that gets the biggest cheers will have the best panel.)

So I sat up on the balcony and shielded my eyes during the preview of the next episode, because ew. Regardless of this, I walked up to the microphone during Q&A and offered my services as showrunner because they'll probably need a new one in about ten months.

And then I was grateful for the fact that the episode preview grossed me out because I would otherwise have been so hungry and food isn't allowed in the theatre.

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