Saturday, October 6, 2012

Endless Summer

Average NHL fan (artist's rendering)
There's been a lot of lockout-related negativity lately. Yes, I know that it's for good reason, but still.

I guess because it's October, and the days are noticeably shorter and cooler (and foggier, like seriously, what is up with the fog in Montreal some days.) And, because as everyone and their dog said on Twitter, October is supposed to be the best month for sports (even though there is still televised baseball on) and now it's not, because there is no hockey (and basketball hasn't even started yet.)

I just want to take a minute to remind all of these people that almost none of them would actually pay to go see a preseason game. I know this because they've said so, so their argument is invalid until about midway through the month.

Maybe it's just because Montreal isn't easing back into hockey mode like it usually does at this time of year. Maybe people are tired of worrying about it, or reading the same stuff over again, or they just want their old routine back. Everyone's grumpy, instead of just trying to act like they get a few extra months of summer. Maybe it would be easier if we had the same weather LA was having right now. (Then again, if you're an Angeleno, the heat is probably making you grumpy, too.)

For positivity's sake, here are some cool things I've done since the last Habs game ended:
Visited two rival NHL cities, and tried to look beyond the fug jerseys and the mockery, and liked what I saw, except for the awful service at this one sports bar in Toronto that you should never go to.
Watched the Olympics. Remember them?
Went to almost every show I wanted to go to at Just for Laughs, and maybe met some famous comedians, no big deal.
Ate. So much. Like chicken and ribs, smothered in the most incredible barbecue sauce I've ever tasted. And one of the best pulled-pork sandwiches in the city, if not the universe. (Hyperbole.) And a peanut butter, Nutella, and bacon sandwich. And maple sugar ice cream. And a Canada Day cupcake. And my weight in Quebec strawberries.
Went to Comic-con, and we all know that that was a blast.

And here is one thing I'll be doing before the next Habs game:
Going to Italy to see aunts and cousins I haven't seen in nine years. To be honest, I'm not taking advantage of the lockout to visit them (even though it's a great excuse to get things done.) I'd be going even if the season was starting next week. I may love the rush of a home opener and my annual preseason T-shirt purchase, but I have priorities, and my family is one of them. How can I ever be disappointed that hockey is missing when I have an opportunity to spend time with relatives I love but never see?

I'm sure that two weeks of losing sleep in front of the TV and blogging about it would be great fun right about now, and I'm a little sad that I'll have to fall behind on my Firefly rewatch. But it's worth it.

It's time to focus more on the things that are happening, and less on the things that aren't.

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