Monday, March 26, 2012

Plus/Minus has ESPN or something

Last week, I had this urge to find tickets to Friday's Habs-Sens game and go with the guys I work with who are Ottawa fans. (It's because they're from Ottawa.) They didn't want to go, so I didn't look for tickets. Then the Habs basically ended the game in the first period. I guess we're all psychic?


+ Erik Cole hat trick!
+ Ryan White has been playing with even more attitude than usual lately. If he doesn't get picked up for next season soon, I may need therapy.
+ Nice pun, Canadiens website.
+ Thanks, NFL, for your quarterback circle of life. It was very entertaining. Welcome to the Jets, Tim Tebow.
+ To the Miami Heat players who have been brave enough to speak out about the unjust death of Trayvon Martin. I love it when athletes stand up for what they believe is right.
+ If you haven't been listening to The Kaufman Show on TSN 990, you missed a great, honest, candid interview with Patrick Burke about the You Can Play project. I can't wait to see the new PSA's they've got coming up.
EDIT: + J.T. Wyman - yes, that one - scored a game-winning goal tonight.

- Habs, you have to stop getting shut out by Buffalo. It hurts me more than it hurts you.
- So, they're building that new arena in Quebec City, and I believe the government is pitching in, and no one's protesting. Damn it, people, you protest against everything else. But the provincial government spending money on something that private investors would gladly put their money into? No? Cool story, bro.
- To every person who has made a "Sedin sisters" comment recently. (Can't call them jokes, because they're not funny.) I wish I could scream some sense into you, but unfortunately all I can do is give you this lousy minus.

The season might be winding down, but there's plenty of time for more hat tricks!!

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  1. Minus/plus; interesting slant. Leafs need offensive and defensive help; do you think Burke was considering Tim Tebow before he went to the Jets......... ;-)

    Unfortunately the same people who called the brothers the "Sedin sisters" also name "Cindy" Crosby (mainly because of his constant yapping).


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